Thank You for Installing PitView

Please ReadThank you for installing PitView™ for Forex

PitView™ introduces you to an entirely new way to view and to think about markets.  This type of information has never been presented before, so please take a minute or two to read what follows.  It will be well worth your time.

 All financial markets are controlled by just a small group of very large and powerful participants
that move the markets up and down at will. 

 We believe that you can only make money if you ride their waves and trade with these Market Makers, not against them.

The most common question first time users of PitView™ have is:
"How can I use PitView™ with my current trading style to help me improve my trading results?"

We can answer that question for you.  We can teach you how to use PitView™.  It is not hard to learn, and should not take you long.  We have devoted an extensive,section of our website to PitView™ Education.  

Here is what we recommend.

You are obviously trying PitView™ because you feel there is something missing in your trading. Maybe your are struggling to get profitable, but are not quite there. Maybe you are profitable, but inconsistent and want something to smooth out the ups and downs. For whatever the reason that brought you here, we believe that PitView™ can help you.  

Please think about this.  

How can understanding how to read what the Market Makers are doing not be helpful to you with your trading?    

Since PitView™ represents an entirely new way to think about the markets, we recommend that you start off with our Free Basic Course. The Basic Course will take you through the concepts behind the PitView™ Indicators, how they are constructed, and how to interpret what each of them is telling you.  Then when you have PitView™ up and running with your trading platform you will understand what the PitView™ Indicators are showing you. 

We then recommend that you look at a few selected Live Trading Webinars that have been recorded for you.  They have been picked to answer the #1 question that people ask us: “How can I use PitView with my current trading methods?”

It will be well worth your time, because the PitView™ indicators actually work.  Our subscribers who have taken the time to go through the Basic Course, and to attend our live and recorded webinars can attest to this.  Once you understand how to use them, the PitView™ indicators can give you an edge on your trading that you have never had before..     

Trade long and prosper

Click on the close button  close  at the top right corner of this window, and PitView™ for Forex will open.