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In the Forex market, the banks run the show.  They control the market and take it where they need it to be.  This makes it tough for the retail traders because we didn't know what was really happening in the market until it was too late....  

PitView changes that!PitView for Forex free trial

PitView shows you what the banks are doing - actively moving prices up or down - so you won't be on the wrong side of the market!

Our Patented indicators score the Liquidity Provider actions so our traders see the bias of the banks.

Now, you can see PitView directly on your MT4 charts, making it much more obvious where the Liquidity Providers are taking the market!

This makes it easy to integrate what the banks are doing into your Forex trading and make better trades.

PitView for Forex free trialYou also get our Charting Control and Order Ticket and Order Management tools!  They let you easily set your stops, manage your risk and instantly change MT4 charts all with a simple click, giving you total control of your trading!

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