PitView™ Trade Ticket and Trade Manager

Successful trading is about being consistent both with your strategy and your capital risk.
Although we can't help you control the execution of your strategy, the PitView™ Trade Ticket
can give you consistent and total control of your capital risk.

PitView™ Trade Ticket

Trade Ticket - Market Order ABC Brokers -2The PitView Trade Ticket takes a very complex lot size calculation, that typically can take minutes to do with a spreadsheet, and gives you an exact lot size calculation in seconds. All you need to enter is your Initial Protective Stop Loss in either Pips or Price and based upon the equity in your brokerage account, your proper lot size is instantly calculated. Your Take Profit target is also calculated.

The calculation takes into account:

  • Your preset, customized defaults for:
  • Percent of Capital Risked per Trade.
  • Percent of Profit Risked per Trade.
  • Your Take Profit Target to initial Protective Stop Ratio.
  • The current spread between the Bid and Ask prices.
  • The current value in US Dollars* for every Pip of change in the currency pair.

Then, with a single click of your mouse, you can place your order with the correct lot size, stop loss and take profit target.

Everything happens automatically.  As your equity increases or decreases, so will your trade size.  They key is consistency

Trade Manager - CompactPitView™ Trade Manager

The PitView™ Trade Manager goes well beyond what you get in MT4, It gives you a professional's level of control over your open trades and orders. When news breaks and the markets move against, every second counts. The PitView Trade Manager gives you the ability to exit all of your open trades or orders with just click. You may even close part of your open trades by % or lots on the fly!. Some of the other main features:

  • Toggle between a Price view and a Pips view to show your Stop Loss, Trade Risk and Take Profit targets just the way you want to see them.
  • When you have multiple positions on in the same pair, group you trades together to show the net of positions in different ways.
  • Expand or contract the PitView Order Manager window to display the exact amount of information that you need to feel in control or your risk.

Pick Your Trade Ticket Package***

Basic Package – Geared for Traders who are starting out and only need one Trade Ticket.

Multi-Ticket Package – Designed for Traders who trade multiple currency pairs at the same time.

*** Note:  If you are unsure of the package you need, start with the Basic Package and you can always upgrade later.

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