The Crucial Insights

The crucial insights into trading that 95% of traders don’t know.

The banks are the forces that drive the markets. They are kind-of-like the giant ships that move oil and freight around the world.  Once they get going, they are hard to stop and slow to turn.  When they want to slow down, they have to reverse their propellers, even while the ship continues to move forward. 

So, the banks in the Forex markets are similar to these giant ships.  When they are ready to change the direction of price in a currency pair, they start to reverse the behavior of their Bids and Asks. 

They reverse their behavior even while price continues moving in the same direction.

We discovered how to allow you to watch these reversals happening in real-time. We show you this in PitView™, No one else in the world offers this insight into the Forex markets. 

 “Bid/Ask Reversal Lead Price Change”

These reversals of the Bids and Asks are leading, and typically predictive of future price movements. They shine a light on what the big banks are doing, and give you a look ahead at what's about to happen! With an in-depth look at what the Banks are doing, both individually and collectively, their activity no longer takes place in a back room where no one sees it.   

“Grow Your Account Exponentially”

We all want to grow our accounts exponentially. So, the FASTEST WAY for you to exponentially grow your trading account is by trading in the same direction as the big banks.

Let us show you how you do that.

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