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Aswin Narula, Thailand, June 6, 2018

"My experience with PitView has been magnificent, I have been using PitView for more than a year and since I have used it I have never not used it. It has increased my reward to risk ratio on every time frame, from intraday trading to weekly swing trades. I used to trade naked chart with ugly risk reward ratio and consistently stopped out on fakeouts, but with PitView now I’m trading alongside market makers, the painters of those charts which has made me much more profitable and consistent in spotting supply/demand imbalances and trading alongside smart money, no more being stopped out on false break. Using LP trendline + Volume profile makes catching Tops and Bottoms a regular trade. Using PairView allows me to always be on the same side as market makers, and get the true picture of the sentiment in that currency pair.  And it’s not only trading profits, trading with PitView has reduced my stress level and increase my confidence in trading by a significant amount specially in picking reversals.

Thank you for creating such a powerful tool and for spot on customer service. Keep up the great work!"

Ben Olley, USA, March 13, 2018

"Getting some seriously good results with Pitview at the moment, brilliant program. Tried it last year could not make head nor tail of it, recently got back into it and its just clicked with me how to use it and how to read the data properly loads to consider but when your in the zone nothing can beat it. I use it at support and resistance at the PSAR and at the 50 Ma and it works almost every time. Granted you do need a fairly advanced understanding of the charts but that cant always be taught. This week I have had 20 green trades against three red, a pretty good hit rate. Do you have any plans for use on stocks? And indices? Because that would be brilliant."

Nriquez Santana, USA, February 11 2018

"Hello guys, just wanted to leave a note of appreciation for the Pitview Team. I was looking for a long time for something like this and after 3 months of buying the software i can say this is the real deal. Thanks again for making my trading a lot easier!"

Gary Grant, USA

“I used your software, and it produced good results, with my own knowledge. The templates are good. The analysis boxes are also, amazing, however maybe difficult for one who cannot read it, overall, top idea, and system. ”

Scott Gebhardt, USA

“I have pitview.com. so far has been great. I'm out of town for the next several months working so no trading but continue to pay the monthly fee. I been going over the learning parts every chance I get. I plan on paying for the lifetime access soon. They offer a free trial. I recommend everyone to give it a try. ”

UPDATE: July 24, 2018

"Good day PitView,

I purchased the lifetime access. Since I started trading live 2 weeks ago using PitView, I am finally showing positive results. This week alone I am up $830.88. I know that might not be allot for you guys, but for me that is absolutely awesome. That's an 11% gain. Thank you PITVIEW for giving me the confidence to enter and exit trades."

Jonathan McFarland, USA

"On another note, PitView really helped me confirm my entry and exit points on the GBP/JPY for a nice profit. I really see the potential in PitView and I am excited to learn more about Tim's template."

Dave Rennpferd, Sept 15 2017

"Been using PitView on trial for this week and can say this thing is awesome! I made 4 trades this week on demo to see how PitView works, and made my self $1k. I wait till I see a neg or positive of 20 or more on 1 hr and 10 min, and scalp with trend line break, or use fibs to find entry."

UPDATE: August 10, 2018

"Hi traders, my name is Dave Rennpferd, I have been a student at MTI for 3 years and have learned so much. The goal of trading is to reach your tipping point. The tipping point is where you are making constant profits and using equity management to make up for losses. I have reached my tipping point now and it is all because I took a trial of the Pit View analytics.  I use it to confirm the direction I think it's going to go . It has really improved my trading and it will help yours. Thanks to all at Pit View for this amazing resource."

UPDATE: August 16, 2018

Evan. This graph shows my tipping point that pitview helped me achieve.  I thought it would go good with my testimony I sent you the other day.
NOTE: David had signed back up with PitView on June 29th, 2018

UPDATE: November 15, 2018

Eric Wilson, October 3, 2017

"Great job on the software by the way! Looks like you've been able to achieve something in the forex markets that I haven't seen elsewhere. Thanks again"

Dimitri Pesin‎, November 17 2017

Just sharing my experience with PitView here for all of you, after the last couple of months that I've been using mainly PairView.

I have to say guys, I've never been so profitable so quickly before...

I've always refused to use indicators in the past because I felt they lagged and didn't want to depend on them to make my entry decisions - always preferred a naked chart and used levels and price action. But this one's different. It's the only indicator I've seen that gives a leading confirmation of what's happening in the market.
I mainly trade intra-day and what I've noticed is I have more accurate entries (when the market is really moving instead of when I *think* it'll move) and earlier exits from trades (reducing losses). That's how I can now make the same amount of money in a shorter space of time. So now I spend less time on the screen.

Although I did notice there are times when the market does what it wants, no matter how strong the data from PairView is, so I tend to just leave the market alone in those situations and wait for the next opportunity. I think that's the right thing to do?

One funny thing is that I used to dislike trading on Mondays - always a less predictable day, but heck now even Mondays are interesting. Last week Monday with 1% risk I made 2% profit before 10:00am! I'll see if I can repeat that.

So just wanted to say Thank You to Stephen, Evan and the rest of you guys at the PitView team for creating this neat software. It's still the only indicator I use in my trading

Arturo Henriquez, November 24, 2017

I just wanted to say that the trade ticket manager is something that I was looking for a long time now and you guys nailed it. I’m going to look at the other products that you guys offer and maybe give it a try on the future as well .

Keep up the good work

Max C., New York City

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words! Here are the results of some trades that I placed using Pitview.  Pitview is coming close to being that "crystal ball" that every forex trader wishes of having.Max C Trade Results


Brad A., London

Now that volatility has returned to the market I am trading a bit more. My last 11 trades with PitView were 10 winners, 1 break-even.

Robert S., Aruba

I purchased in the past years several “Big Guns” (read: Proprietary Professional Indicators). But due to a number of bad trades, I have become in some extent afraid to “Pull the Trigger” (place a trade). This is the main reason why I have traded for a prolonged period at a break-even-point.

After acquainting myself with the “Look-Feel-Performance” of the PitView Indicator(s) for approximately 6 weeks, I arrived at the moment that I am truly confident on what and how I trade. I never had this positive outlook before.

I apply the PitView Indicator as the Ultimate Confirmation Tool (next to my other proprietary indicators and or development on the price charts). Meaning: I never trade against the message that the PitView Indicator is telling me. This enabled me to trade with a much tighter stop loss and as a result thereof I am realizing a far better “Risk-Reward-Ratio”. I truly embrace the PitView Indicator and can recommend this tool to everyone who wants to treat trading as a serious business.

The people behind PitView are true professionals. Although I have bombarded them with several emails over a relative short time span, they always managed to answer my requests promptly.

Dominic O., Australia

Just a quick note to let you know everything is working fine here and thanks for all the assistance. Pitview has really changed my trading for the better and I intend to keep subscribing for a long time to come 🙂 ... Keep up the great work and thanks again!

Marijan T., Phillipines

Dear Mr.Menjivar,

I really enjoyed the webinar last night and looking forward to see how you trade real time in the next webinar. I had the demo for 2 weeks and increased my account by 30%, thanks for that :). I used PitView in a different way, but you gave me some new tips that could increase my trading further. I especially liked the part about choosing the best pair to trade, because I, as most traders, only traded the most popular pairs (which is due to lowest spread on them, amongst other reasons). Once again, thank you, it was a great webinar.

Kind regards,

Marijan T.

Ricardo Menjivar, Phoenix Trading Strategies, Los Angeles, USA

"So, for those of you that haven't signed up for PitView...SHAME on you!" "This is KEY INFORMATION that you didn't have before!"

Marco Veterani, Institutional Fund Manager, France

 "Thank you for PitView" "We are very happy PitView exists!"

John White, Guadalajara, Mexico

I'm a renegade trader. I don't follow "the rules" and I do play a lot of "what if" games. I recently was directed to PitView and have just been amazed.  Especially with the new 2.0 version. I work a lot with XAUUSD (Gold) and V.2.0 has it now in the "Metals" section.  On my first morning with 2.0, I've grabbed over $4K in profit. How? I "Auto-Scaled" it using 1 lot, 4-6 additional orders at 1 pip sep. PitView makes it much easier than taking candy from a baby. I just "follow the leader." It don't get any simpler than that!

Forget the cost. Consider the profit. PitView is a Must-Have Forex Tool.  Otherwise, you're just "poor man" trading! I also use PitView for Basket Trading. Sweet!

AM, London, UK

"I started using PitView as an add-on to my usual favourite strategy. I found that, very quickly, it helped me enter positions earlier and exit later thereby adding valuable pips to my account!"  

DR, Thames Dittion, UK

"Quite simply, PitView not only gets me more pips, it keeps me out of trades that are doomed before they begin! Thank you PitView!"  

MC, Portsmouth, UK

"It does what it says on the tin. It helps me "trade with confidence!".

Wolfgang Pernter, Head of Trading/CEO Tinianco Management Ltd, Austria

Dear Stephen,

I consider Pit-View as an excellent tool to support my trading decisions at technical entry levels. It really helps to gain and improve confidence with regards to the market direction. I was able to improve the performance of my scalping strategy with the usage of Pit-View and I have to say, I won´t miss [a trade] it in the future.

Wolfgang Pernter Head of Trading/CEO Tinianco Management Ltd

Robert Riegler, FOREX Trader & Adviser
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Hello Stephen!As you know, i have been a professional Forex Trader and Adviser for many years now.  I was up and down, tested so many things, but nothing was working well to make Money.  It’s a very hard way if you do a self study to learn about the Markets.Luckily I found a Forex Bank trader who was explaining me what does and what does not work, so I could save a lot of time and start making Money in the Markets.A small piece of the puzzle was missing for my Systems and so I went on research for a confirmation Tool based on real Market Data from Banks and Market Makers….no easy job to get this info as a retailer.Luckily I have found Stephen @ Advanced Market Systems (“AMS”) with his Level IV Platform.  It was for Stocks and not Forex then, but at least I could figure out how to work with it.  Tracking EUO, UUP, USD Stocks and the EURO Currency Trust FXE to get an Idea what the big Boys are doing to optimize and sharpen my technical Strategy for my EURUSD Forex positions.  It was a bit complicated to get the Stocks Indexes [as proxies] for the comparison of the EURUSD FX Spot price I trade, to create and to use it as an confirmation tool for my Forex trading…..in the end it worked out very well, because I am a Fox to find out how and where I get the source or information to combine things.After the Trial of Level IV I spoke with Stephen and told him about my Forex career and that I had found a way to use Level IV [for stocks] with some adjustments for Forex too.That said…. beginning this year… PIT-VIEW was born… the confirmation Tool for FOREX!!! YEAH!!!I was so amazed that the AMS Team could get it done to produce such a great TOOL! Since I’ve been working with PIT-VIEW my trading has really become a new Level of profession.  For me it’s the Holy Grail!  Where do you get this information for such a price as a retailer??? I mean it’s so simple to use not to compare with Level 4 as a tool for FOREX… Level 4 itself is for Stocks and Stock trader is awesome….Right now I have two Pit-VIEW Windows open, one for Session (Intraday trades) and the other for Scalping (5-minute trades) and that’s it…applied on my MT4 Chart where I draw my trend lines and S/R Lines.   Especially the Pit-View Scalping settings are so strong and powerful, since I trade them from 1-minute and 5-minute [Pit-View Indicators] and get max 5-7 Draw Down and target on average 15-20 pips profit in direction of the Pit-View Session of course…It’s really easy, a caveman could do it.  All I need to do is to watch if the Banks in PV are on the buy or sell side to confirm my set ups, and Entries/Exits… it gives me so much more confidence to know that you are not in the Dark if you enter a Position, you are trading alongside with the real Big Guns, the Market Players who are making these markets and so you are able to make more Money!I have started to market Pit-View over the Internet on my Facebook Pages … and I have got an amazing response and interest activity on it, which was interesting since so many traders are burned and hardly trust any offer if they hear Tracking Banks etc… but I do the Marketing a bit different with direct contact in a phone call or 1-on-1 webinar to show them in real market how wonderful Pit-VIEW can work for ANY Forex Trader out there, who is interested to make money!You need to take them all by the hand and show them in a Live Webinar how well Pit View is working and that making money is from now on much more easy then without Pit-View….then they BELIEVE!So if you explain to them in detail 1-on-1 or with a small group in a live Situation how it does work, any trader except the super “smart” ones and competitors will love it and use it for their trading…. What I also do, since I do consulting and advising on FX, I am offering any active Pit-View User a few of my services for Free, to provide them extra trading power to make even more money, and/or consult with them on how they can improve they scalping systems or technical strategies.  And of course show the best settings of Pit-View which are aligned with their Systems…So a PIT-VIEW trading Service is a good idea, to keep the user in the game, as long they make money they will stay with the product and make monthly payments!LINK:For all active 3RC Pit-View User, after the 15 Day Trial Period ends, I will provide our  3RC EURUSD FX DAILY NEWSLETTER for FREE + IM/VOICE SUPPORT FOR PV AND ADVICE FOR LIVE TRADING!I believe that when we provide people extra opportunities to improve their current systems and to trade even better or provide their first technical system + the confirmation of Pit-View…they will stay as a client.Best example, a few days ago M. Gandhi signed a service contract with me.  He is using Pit-View’s Free Trial.  One service we have agreed was to provide him technical entry and exit Signals (POS TRADES).  I have attached his statement and he lost round 200 bucks from a 2K account…before we started the Service…anyways… We started with the first Signal, his Pit-View was on and he entered a sell short position on my suggested entry Level and Exit on the one I told him later, when Banks in Pit-View started to change….He was so Happy, I mean 35 bucks earned but hey, for him a lot in India….so such things make me happy and I feel fine to make others happy and successful.I have also attached the first trade we did together with the help of Pit-View! Close 100 pips pulled out of the market and it does not stop…there are more stories to tell but I need to run now…Conclusion….Pit-View is a MUST HAVE for ALL FOREX TRADER IN THE WORLD! That’s my honest view of the great Tool.  I luckily have found it and able to be part of it,Thanks and best regards,3R Consulting
Financial Trading ServicesRobert Richard RieglerFOREX Trader & Adviserwww.3rc.euLINK:For all active 3RC Pit-View User, after the 15 Day Trial Period ends, I will provide our  3RC EURUSD FX DAILY NEWSLETTER for FREE + IM/VOICE SUPPORT FOR PV AND ADVICE FOR LIVE TRADING!


Gandhi Mayank


I joined 3RC last year, August 2012, after a trial of two weeks. I was totally amazed. Previously, I had paid mega bucks to another forex trading program to learn to trade forex. I learned nothing and lost heaps of money. Once I joined 3RC, I learned so much, was helped by the 3RC. The backup is totally unbelievable. Their training was so helpful and very friendly, very professional. I attended all their training rooms as well as watch trades. I still remember all the advice given.

Then he introduced PIT-VIEW!!! For the first time, a tool where I can track Banks flow, so I can try to be always on the right side of the market. I traded with a demo account for a while, but soon found I was able to pick early entries into trades with the help of the new PIT-VIEW software tool for hawk eye entry. I was fully supported by 3RC in this.

I now trade forex very successfully.  I find that Pit-View supports my trading very well and it’s easy to understand.  Thank you 3RC I couldn’t have done it without you. I never dreamed I`d trade so successfully.  Now I am on live account again and will trade with the support of PIT-VIEW and 3RC very well… First trade turned out in a winner…close 100 points…amazing!  I am very grateful and would recommend the new amazing PIT-VIEW tool and the 3RC Service to anyone.

Many thanks and best regards,

Gandhi Mayank


Hi, Rob!

This is how my screen looks when I use the PitView tool.
I am very surprised about this tool.
It works unbelievably well!
I tested it and my first experience with it is super.
I hope you help to me setup the best approach.

Cheers Andis