The Story Behind the PitView™ Discoveries

You will find it fascinating how our ability to track the banks came to be.

“How It All Began”

Stephen Cutler, our Founder and CEO had been trading the financial markets since the 1980’s. In the early 2000’s his partner and he were trading IPO’s in North American stocks.  Level II in Nasdaq had just come out a few years before, and with it, for the first time ever, you could see what the Market Makers were doing, but it was just for one stock at a time and the information just flashed before you and then was gone.

“The Question That Started This”

It was then that Stephen asked himself a question.  He was always doing that, asking himself questions, that is.  So, he asked himself,

“Wouldn’t it be nice to follow what the Market Makers, the guys that drive the markets, are doing in real time?”

Of course the answer was, YES!.  What else could the answer be? The bright light had gone ON for him. This was his personal epiphany.  He got so excited. Can you imagine how he felt when this thought first entered his mind.?  It was unbelievable for him. Anyway, that started him off on the journey.

He decided that if someone wasn’t already doing it, we needed to invent an organized way to meaningfully follow what the Market Makers were doing in real-time.  So we started our research.

"Gap in the Financial Market Place”

Our company research showed that there was no one addressing this need.  There was nothing available to help traders follow the market from the perspective of the Market Makers. In other words, there was a huge hole in the financial information marketplace.

As it turned out, the hole was so big, and our concept was so strong, that ultimately, we were able to get multiple patents to create and present the real-time analytics that are the foundation of what we do.

“The Way It Used to Be Done”

We were off on a mission. Remember, back then no one was following the markets from the perspective of the market makers. Everyone who has been around trading knows that the guy in the pit had an advantage over the traders upstairs or at home.

What gave the pit trader his advantage? It was his ability not only to see that the bid was raised, but who raised it.  He could watch as others joined the new bid, or tried to push it higher.  He could tell if it was just someone trying to off-load a large position at any price, and also know that once that position was off his books the market would go right back to where it was when he started.

“Level II Windows”

Then Computers and the Internet made it possible to see the Bids and Asks from afar. Traders on the cutting edge could use Level II Windows to display the best Bids and Asks from the major Market Makers.That was a quantum leap then, but there were limits.

“With Level II Windows and Five Monitors”

Traditionally, the best a trader could do was to put one, two or maybe three Level II windows for stocks up on their computer monitor and try to keep track of what was happening in their mind. They could not take their eyes or minds off the screen for a second, otherwise they would lose track of what was happening. Back then, it was an impossible task for a person to accomplish. It still is today. What traders needed, was the ability to follow as many financial symbols as they wanted from the perspective of the market makers.  In Forex, that means from the perspective of the banks.

"We Built the Software"

So, we hired a programmer and built a software prototype.  We were initially able to follow 50 stocks and the 200 market makers for each stock.  Later, we were able to follow 1,000 stocks and all of the market makers in each stock. Over the years, our platform has evolved and we have built bank tracking software for Forex. Today, we simultaneously track the major banks activity in 60 plus currency pairs for you.

“U.S. Patents Obtained”

We filed for patents, and in 2010 the U.S. Patent office gave us the rights to ALL analytics based upon Market Maker Bids and Asks.

“PitView™ is a True Game Changer”

We are sure by now you understand how important it is for you, as a trader, to know what the banks are doing for the time frames you are trading. Also, we are guessing that you don’t want to be in the software business to accomplish this.  But there is no other way to keep track of every bid and every ask for every bank than with high speed computers operating sophisticated software. But no worries, we have done the heavy lifting for you.

Although we patented our analytics, it took us years to figure out how to track behavior instead of priceEvery other tool, or set of analytics in the financial marketplace is focused on either price or volume, and on what has already happened.  They look at the markets backwards in time.

By contrast, our Bid/Ask analytics are precursors to price change. Why?
Because the Forex market is an auction, and in all auctions changes in Bids and Asks ALWAYS precede changes in price.

And our Behavioral Analytics track these changes in the Bids and Asks. We created something that never existed before. A TRUE GAME CHANGER. 

And you will now have the opportunity to base your final trading decision on information no one else in the entire world is providing.

Do you understand the implications of this? Let’s say it again. Our ability to track the banks is A True Game Changer. 

The analytics shine a light on what the big banks are doing, and give you a look ahead at what's about to happen! 

With an in-depth look at what the Banks are doing, both individually and collectively, their activity no longer takes place in a back room where no one sees it. You get to see a side of the market that was not visible before. 

With PitView™, you get to look into the very heart of the market.

By now, you understand that we see things differently.

AND, That’s the PitView™ edge.

AND, that can be you edge too!

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