screens Screens® Software Technology  by Advanced Market Systems
Screens® Virtual Desktop
The Patented Screens® Software Technology allows you to quickly create and navigate a contiguous virtual desktop that is up to 9 times the size of your monitor.
Subscribers can use a desktop area large enough to display all of their open program windows without having to unearth buried and layered windows, no more clicking and dragging and resizing to find your information!
The Problem - More Data Than Can Fit on One Computer Monitor
In complex programs such as PitView™, often there is so much information of immediate interest that it is impossible to simultaneously display it all in a readable size on just one computer monitor.Some Traders try to get around this limitation by installing multiple monitors and spreading the open windows over several monitors in a complicated attempt to create a larger viewing area.
Too Many Windows
Each window opened up on a desktop takes up space, so it's easy to wind up in a situation of having too many windows open at once to see everything you want. Techniques such as constant minimizing, maximizing, re-sizing and dragging of windows is a slow and cumbersome way for navigating from view to view.Because PitView™ allows many different of windows and managers, and allows multiple instances open of each type within the program, all at the same time, we didn't want you to have to struggle to view them all.
The Solution
Advanced Market Systems, LLC solves the problem of too many open windows with Screens® Software Technology.Each Screen™ area represents a view, within the area of the virtual desktop generated by the Screens® Software, that is equal in size to the User's computer monitor. It's like having up to 9 monitors on your desk, stacked up to 3 high and 3 wide.The Screens® software supports all brands and styles of computer monitors, and will not slow down or inhibit any computer processes in any way, we guarantee it.
Each numbered box within the Screens Navigator™ Tool represents a virtual area equal in size to one computer monitor. It only takes one 'click' on the Screens Navigator™ Tool to quickly switch your display to any of the 9 virtual monitors.Since the Screens Navigator™ Tool clearly displays where open windows and managers are laid out, it is a simple matter of clicking or dragging to move around, zoom into details or relocate windows.
Click here to see an example.