PitView™ Depth

(Institutional Subscription Package Only)

From the Suite of Patented PitView™ Liquidity Windows

For every currency pair, you can now clearly see in real-time what each of the individual Liquidity Providers are doing. PitView Depth™ tracks and displays every inside bid and every inside ask from every Liquidity Provider. The top five price levels of Liquidity Provider bids and asks are grouped in different colors for easy comparison.
At a glance, you can instantly see who the Liquidity Provider is at the inside and leading the market. See who the followers are, and how far away they are from the leaders. When combined with the FX PairView™ Indicator, PitView Depth™ can be used to help precisely time your actions.

The “Depth” column shows you how far away each Liquidity Provider’s best bid or ask is from the inside. The “Change” column shows you how their current bid or offer compares to their previous one. It answers the question of “Are they moving, closer to the inside, or further away?”

The “Size” column shows you how much they are willing to buy or sell. Our “Tracker” feature allows you to follow your liquidity provider of choice. Simply double click on their ID and their actions will be highlighted in white.

As with all PitView™ Liquidity Windows, PitView Depth™ can be used with any trading platform. Simply place it anywhere you wish, and get to see all of the action that counts as it unfolds in real-time.

The PitView Depth™ Window is offered exclusively to our subscribers and not available anywhere else. It is offered in our Institutional subscription package.

PitView Depth

Why PitView Depth™?

Because it shows you what the Smart Money is doing, and
When you trade with the Smart Money, you Trade-With-Confidence.

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