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Layouts are a powerful part of PitView™.  They are used to save different desktop configurations of the PitView™ Indicator windows.

The PitView™ Indicator windows are all customizable in terms of the time frames they cover and the information they display.  Each window can be setup to follow single currency pairs (FX PairlView™), or groups of pairs (FX GroupView™), and groups of groups (FX GlobalView™).  Once you determine a desktop configuration that you like, the exact configuration can be saved as a named “Layout” and restored to your desktop with a few mouse clicks.  This is quite handy for trading. 

Layouts-TrayMetaTrader4 is a popular trading platform among Forex traders.  It allows traders to save different desktop configurations which they call “Profiles”.  PitView™ Layouts can be created to match any of these profiles.  So when a trader switches a MT4 Profile, with a couple of mouse clicks on the Windows® Taskbar the matching PitView™ Layout will be placed on MT4.  PitView™ Layouts can be created to work with any Forex platform.      

To help you get started, PitView™ comes standard with examples of Basic and Advanced Layouts.  The image to the left shows an example where a trader set up more than a dozen different pre-configured Layouts.  You can modify and save the changes to suit your style of trading, or trading platform.  For example, a default PitView™ Layout named “EURUSD” could have 4 different FX PairlView™ Indicator windows open each showing a different time frame for EURUSD, a FX GroupView™ indicator window open showing information for the EURO group of 7 different EURO based pairs, and a PitView Depth™ window showing EURUSD.      

There is no limit to the number of different Layouts that you can have, so you can create them and have them available in an instant to see whatever you want.

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