PitView™ Trade Ticket Features

Use PitView™ to place your trades and pending orders through MT4

Trade Ticket Features include:

  • Built in Risk and Money Management.
    • Auto Lot Sizing based upon your own risk management rules.
    • Auto Adjust for spreads, commissions and slippage.
  • Trade Safeguard - Protection from entry and calculation errors.
    • Systematic way to manage your trades.
    • Stop Loss and Limit orders get placed automatically.
    • Automatically calculate notional value difference of currencies.
      • Converts non-USD pairs such EURJPY as into US Dollars or other MT4 account based currencies.
    • No mistakes with lot size.
    • Trade confirmation.
    • Calculation of "True Trade Risk."
      Trade Ticket on Top of MT4
  • Your choice for either -
    One Click instant trading, or
    Confirming your order before sending it.
  • See the spreads offered by your broker dynamically update in real time.
  • Set your Stop Loss and Take Profits in either Pips, or Price.
  • Choose between instant and pending order modes.
         Use Instant Execution mode for market orders.
         Use Pending Order mode which automatically creates the proper
    Limit and Stop orders for either Buy or Sell orders. 
  • Choose and set your own default Lot Sizes, Stop Loss and Profit Targets.
  • Control your MT4 charts from the drop-down currency pair menu.
  • Can be linked to FX PairView™ to automatically change the currency pair.
  • Opens the PitView Trade Manager to let you monitor and manage your open trades and pending orders.
  • and More...

Trade Ticket - Pending Order ABC Brokers

PairView and Trade Ticket










Choose either the Pending Order Mode (left) or the Market Order Mode (right).

Both modes can be linked to FX PairView™ and automatically change the chart in MT4 to match the currency pair in the PitView™ Trade Ticket.  This way you get to see exactly what you are trading.


Why the PitView™ Toolset?
Because it is all about Trading-With-Confidence.

Follow along to learn more…

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