FX TotalView™

From the Suite of Patented PitView™ Liquidity Windows

The main purpose of analytics is to help the trader make the best possible trading decision.

FX TotalView™ does just that.  It starts by objectively ranking the world's major currency groups from the strongest to the weakest.  Next to each currency, FX TotalView™ displays a relative strength buy/sell value that shows you exactly how strong that one currency group is compared to all the other major currency groups.  

FX TotalView™ is 93% of the entire Forex market in one simple box!

Next, and this is the really exciting part, for each major currency FX TotalView shows you how strong it is compared to each of the other seven major currencies.  So in one simple window, using a heat map display, FX TotalView presents every possible combination of all of the Major currencies made visible at a glance.  You can instantly see which of the 28 major currency pairs are the most bullish, and which are the most bearish.  And it does this, in real-time, for any time-frame of your choice ranging from 1 minute to 24 hours.

FX TotalView™ does this all based upon how aggressively the Market Makers are bidding and offering the different currency pairs.  As with all of the other patented PitView™ Liquidity Window, the information is based soley upon Market Market activity around the inside bid and offer.  Price does not enter into the calculations.  You just won't find anything else like the PitView™ Liquidity Analytics.  No other analytics show you the markets based upon insider activity.

And, unlike using charts, there is no guessing or subjectivity involved.  The liquidity calculations are exact.

This small window gives you the ability to not only see each currency group ranked from strongest to weakest, but it also ranks all of the counterparty currencies from strongest to weakest. Would you rather look at 28 charts or at FX TotalView™ ?

As you can see, the name is very descriptive.  FX TotalView™ shows you what all the major currency pairs are doing in one clear and concise place.  This is a great tool to help find the perfect trading opportunity.

Why PitView™?

Because PitView™ Liquidity Windows show you what the Smart Money is doing, and
When you trade with the Smart Money, you can Trade With Confidence.

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