The PitView™ Liquidity Windows

How Does It Work

The premise behind PitView™ is that Market Maker behavior leads price movement.  It logically follows that if you have the ability to see what the Liquidity Providers are doing you can have a real good idea of where the market will go next.  The PitView™ platform was developed to accomplish this, and to provide you with different ways to look into Liquidity Provider behavior.

PitView™ monitors the pre-transactional side of the Forex market for a basket of currency pairs.  It tracks the individual actions of the banks and other liquidity providers.  PitView™ is focused more on their behavior, what they actually do, than the prices they quote.

PitView™ is presented as a standalone software platform that runs on Microsoft Windows based operating systems.  Varying analytics are calculated based upon real-time Liquidity Provider activity.  These analytics are presented in raw form, or are calculated over user selected time frames ranging from 1 minute to 24 hours.  They are then displayed in five different PitView™ Liquidity windows.  Depending upon your subscription package, up to three different instances of each window type can be displayed, and every instance can be configured differently.

The beauty of all of the PitView™ Windows are that they can be set as a TopMost window, and can sit on top of and look like it is part of your current trading platform.  Each PitView™ window is customizable and can be set to display only the information you choose to see.

Following are brief descriptions of each type of PitView™ Liquidity Window.

FX TotalView™ - This window shows you the big picture.  The entire Forex market in the form of a matrix.  Using a heat map display, FX TotalView™ presents every possible combination of all of the 8 Major currencies made visible at a glance.  You can instantly see which of the 28 major currency pairs are the most bullish, and which are the most bearish.  And it does this, in real-time, for any timeframe of your choice ranging from 1 minute to 24 hours.  Once you have identified the pair you want to investigate, double-click a cell in the matrix and PitView™ will take you to FX PairView™ where you can follow the individual Liquidity Providers for that pair.

FX PairView™ - This liquidity window shows you what all of the Liquidity Providers are doing in the selected currency pair.  It gives you everything you need to make a trading decision.  It will identify the strongest Liquidity Providers in the strongest currency pairs.  When your current trading methodology gives you a signal, confirm it with FX PairView™, then follow what the Liquidity Providers are doing, and ride their waves.  FX PairView™ is a must have tool for scalping the market.

EasyThe PitView™ Liquidity windows are all customizable in terms of the time frames they cover, and the information displayed in them.  Once you determine a configuration that you like, depending upon your subscription package, it can be saved as a “Layout” and restored to your desktop with a few mouse clicks.  There is no limit to the number of different Layouts you can have.

PitView™ is Easy to Learn and Simple to Use.  Once you log into the Members side of the PitView™ website, there is a wealth of information available to you.  In the PitView™ University section (Advanced & Professional members only), we have created an extensive library of videos, webinars, events and PowerPoint presentations that will get you up and running quickly. You will learn from some of the best full-time, high income Forex traders in the business.  PitView™ University will show you many examples of how people are using PitView™ to help them make better trades.  We continue to add to our University Educational Series, so it will become your goto place for fresh trading ideas. Start with our Free Basic Course.  The PitView™ Platform Training will show you every feature in the platform and how to use them.

In addition, we have created a comprehensive Help File that details all of PitView's features and functionality.  The Help File and Videos are accessible from all PitView™ Windows, and with just a click of the mouse will take you directly to the video or help file item specific to that PitView™ Liquidity Window.                  

Why PitView™?

Because PitView's™ Liquidity Windows show you what the Smart Money is doing, and
When you trade with the Smart Money, you can Trade With Confidence.

Follow along to learn more…

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