PitView™ Volume Profile

Understanding and Interpreting the PitView™ Volume Profile

Now get volume profile for MT4!  As you probably already know, Volume Profile shows the volume of an instrument at a given price level. This indispensable tool allows traders to easily see the different levels of consolidation and integrate this into a trading method.  Because of the lack of central exchange, the best you could get for MT4 was some basic data based on the Best Bid / Best Ask from your broker.  Not anymore!  Now you can get PitView™ Volume Profile for MT4 calculated from our Institutional data feed that has more than 20 different Liquidity Providers.  This gives our traders a view into the market that you couldn't get before on MT4!

Changing the PitView™ Volume Profile Settings in MT4

Once the PitView™ files are installed on MT4, this topic will show you how to change the settings and customize the appearance of the PitView™ Volume Profile in MT4.

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