PitView™ Trade Manager Features

Use PitView™ to manage your open positions and orders in MT4

Trade Manager Features include:

  • Exit positions or cancel orders with One Click instant execution, orOrder Ticket and Manager on MT4
    Confirming your actions before execution.
  • Exit ALL of your open positions, or open orders with just one click.
  • See the net positions of your currency pairs and exit with One Click execution.
    • Show Net of all Buys, or
    • Net of all Sells, or
    • Net of both Buys and Sells.
  • Modify any open position or order.
    Change stop loss or take profit prices.
  • Can be linked to your MT4 chart to automatically change the currency pair.
  • and More……..

Order Manager












Why the PitView™ Toolset?
Because it is all about Trading-With-Confidence.

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