The PitView Packages

Our PitView™ subscription Packages are designed for traders with a wide range of trading styles and experience.

Trade Ticket and Trade Manager Basic

This FREE PACKAGE is for traders who are not interested in the PitView™ Analytics and just want a state-of-the-art tool to manage their Risk, Money and Trades.

Trade Ticket and Trade Manager Professional

This package is for traders looking for rapid execution with professional money management capabilities and multiple trade tickets each set up with different Risk and Money Management parameters..

Ptiview™ Basic

If you are not going to be doing scalping, PitView™ Basic with FX TotalView™ is all you need to get started.  The Patented PitView™ analytics show you where 94% of the entire Forex market is at a glance.  It is perfect for the trader who does not need to see what the individual Liquidity Providers are doing.  

Pitview™ Advanced

This package is designed to allow for a more advance trading approached to the market. With the addition of FX PairView™ it shows you what the individual banks and other liquidity providers are doing. It is mostly used by scalpers, or those traders looking for more precise entry points by providing a short-term look at the market's inner- movements in real time.

Pitview™ Professional

This package provides our most complete offering.  The Patented PitView™ Liquidity Provider Analytics give the trader the best chance to squeeze money out of the market. By providing multiple FX TotalView™ windows along with multiple FX PairView™ windows and the ground breaking “PitView™ Trade Ticket” you will have all the tools you need for giving professional trade execution and money management in the direction of the Big Banks.