PitView™ Trade Manager OverView

The PitView™ Trade Manager has two main views:

Compact View

Takes minimal space on your desktop, yet supplies all of the information you need to take action.





Expanded View

In addition, you can just show only the information that is important to you.

Regardless of the view, you have total control over your trades. 

  • Clicking the "X" on the right of the Trade Manager will exit the position for you.
  • Clicking the symbol name, will change the MT4 Chart to point to your pair.
  • Clicking anywhere else on the line, will allow you to:
    • Modify your trade.
    • Close partial positions.
    • Set trailing stops.
    • More..........
    • Much More...........


Why the PitView™ Toolset?
Because it is all about Trading-With-Confidence.

Follow along to learn more…

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