An Introduction to PitView™ Analytics


The Idea Behind PitView™ is Simple.  If you know what the liquidity providers are doing, you know what the markets will do.

We would like to introduce our patented “PitView™ Liquidity Analytics Suite” and provide some insight on the enormous advantage it affords in making you a more successful Forex trader.

In its simplest form, all financial markets are auctions.  As in any auction, changes in price must first be preceded by changes in the Bids and Asks.  Advanced Market Systems, LLC (AMS) patents provide exclusive rights to create analytics based upon the changing Bids and Asks of the top market makers in the world.

The information we use is not available to the general public. AMS extracts information directly from a commercial data stream and in a proprietary manner creates detailed Bid/Ask analytics based upon what the market makers are doing in real-time.  This is information of critical importance to traders.  PitView™ keeps them consciously, as opposed to accidentally, aligned with the Market Markers.  It's very difficult to be successful trading when in opposition to the big money in the markets.

PitView™ Analytics are provided through several different dynamically updating and sorting Liquidity Windows.  The big picture of the Forex market is presented as a straight-forward matrix.  It's an easy to follow heat-maps, depict the Liquidity Provider Bid/Ask bias that are indicative future price movement for the world's twenty-eight major currency pairs.

Market Fundamentals

Liquidity Providers are major banks or large hedge funds that actively play both sides of the market.   They are very powerful because they're trading constantly in large volumes.  Knowing their Bid/Ask bias is critically important to traders.   However, not until the introduction of PitView™ has this information been available to the public.  PitView™ provides this information in real-time and over times periods from as short as the last minute, to as long as the last 24 hours; fast enough for the most aggressive of individual traders to take advantage.

All traders know about the Bid/Ask and the spread.  These prices are set by the Liquidity Providers in response to supply and demand in the market.  On the retail side, traders Buy at the Ask price, and Sell at the Bid price. The difference is the spread which determines the transaction cost of your trade.

From the market maker's perspective, the Bid is the highest price a Liquidity Provider is willing to buy from you.  When a Liquidity Provider raises its Bid this is bullish, indicating they are willing to buy at a higher price.  The Ask is the lowest price a Liquidity Provider is willing to sell to you.  When a Liquidity Provider lowers their Ask this is bearish, showing they are willing to sell at a lower price.

As the Liquidity Providers shift their Bid and Ask prices, one of these major financial institutions must do it first.  They are the “Leaders”.  Then, the others may follow and match that new price.  The ones that do are the “Followers”.  This is known as, “Leading inside the Bid/Ask price” and “Following inside the Bid/Ask”.

Below are the main “PitView Analytics Windows” that track the Liquidity Provider activity Inside Bids and the Asks”.   All of the PitView™ windows are fully customizable and may appear on top or under your trading platform.   For a visual representation over time, the PitView™ Liquidity Analytics are integrated and plotted onto the charts of the popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

The PitView™ Liquidity Windows offer unparalleled views of the market that have never been seen before.  Using a bottom-up approach, they start with the smallest of Micro-Views and expand to the largest of Macro-Views.  The windows show what the market makers are doing in real-time, on multiple time frames, so you can use them for the confirmation and management of your trades.

For explanations of the Liquidity Windows, follow along to “How PitView Works.

In Summary

The reason we call our real-time information service PitView™ is because it's a view from the “Virtual Trading Pit” of the Forex market.  PitView Analytics track the bullish and bearish sentiment of the major banks and other Liquidity Providers that are driving and funding the Forex market, on all currency pairs as it occurs.

This suite of price-leading predictive tools sets AMS apart from everything else available to the trader.  It provides signals that have in fact proven to result in an exceptional percentage of wining trades for many different trading strategies and time frames.  PitView™ is available separately for a low monthly subscription fee.

PitView™ is included at no additional cost as part of our unique and groundbreaking education-based “PitView™ Interactive Trader” program.  PitView™ Interactive Trader is a mentor lead program where you can “Earn While You Learn” from professional traders.  It is a program designed to empower you to become a successful independent trader.

PitView™ is more than just an analytical tool set.  Its integration with MetaTrader 4 includes an advanced Trading Order Ticket plus an Order Management window that is more powerful and easy to use than MT4’s.  You can control your charts in MT4 using PitView™ easier and faster than you can with MT4.jim

Complete and easy to understand tutorials are available along with webinars that will quickly bring you up to speed to incorporate the “PitView™ Analytics Suite” into your trading.

* PitView™ data is not available anywhere else and is protected by multiple U. S. patents.

Why the PitView™ Liquidity Analytics?
Because it is all about Trading-With-Confidence.

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