PitView™ Insights

FOREX-TradersThe Idea Behind PitView™ is Simple. If you know what the Big Banks are doing, you know what the markets will do.

On the next several pages, we would like to introduce you to the story behind PitView.  We know you will find it interesting.

As you follow along, please keep in mind that what we have developed and are offering through PitView is not just another incremental improvement to the tools already available to you for trading Forex.

PitView IS A GAME CHANGER. A breakthrough in technology. PitView represents a quantum leap forward into a NEW WAY of looking at the markets.

The patented PitView™ Analytics have nothing to do with Price.  Instead, the analytics are based upon tracking the Behavior of the Banks. Tracking HOW they change their Bids and Asks, not what they change the prices to.

Finally, PitView™ Analytics do not follow price.  They LEAD PRICE CHANGES because the Forex market is an auction, and as in every auction, changes in price MUST first be preceded by changes in the Bids and Asks.

The information provided in PitView™ is not available anywhere else in the world. That is the Trading Edge that PitView™ gives you.

What follows is not chronologically ordered, but instead presented in order of importance.

Please follow along to learn more...

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