Watch the Banks Drive the Markets in Real Time

The Banks Drive the Forex market.  Period!  
Knowing where they want to go could mean the difference between a profit and a loss.
Would you go long if you knew they were going short?
Only our Patented PitView™ for Forex Liquidity Analytics show what the banks are doing.
Get an edge on your trading. Make them a part of your trading strategy.

You can’t get this insight and advantage anywhere else.

PageLines-Pairview-1.pngThe premise behind PitView™ is that Liquidity Provider behavior leads price movement.  It logically follows that if you have the ability to see what the Liquidity Providers are doing, you can have a real good idea of where the market will go.  The PitView™ platform was developed to accomplish this, and to provide you with different ways to look into Liquidity Provider behavior.

PitView™ monitors the pre-transactional side of the Forex market for a basket of currency pairs.  It tracks the individual actions of the banks and other liquidity providers.  PitView™ is focused more on their behavior, what they actually do, than the prices they quote.

So the Idea Behind PitView™ is Simple. If you know what the liquidity providers are doing, you know what the markets will do.

This is information of critical importance to traders. PitView™ keeps traders consciously, as opposed to accidentally, aligned with the Liquidity Providers. It's very difficult to be successful trading when in opposition to the big money in the markets.

Remember, in its simplest form, all financial markets are auctions. As in any auction, changes in price must first be preceded by changes in the Bids and Asks. Advanced Market Systems, LLC (AMS) patents provide exclusive rights to create analytics based upon the changing Bids and Asks of the top market makers in the world.

AMS extracts information directly from the Liquidity Provider data stream, and in a proprietary manner creates detailed Bid/Ask analytics based upon what the market makers are doing in real-time.

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PitView™ Analytics are provided through several different dynamically updating and sorting Liquidity Windows. The big picture of the Forex market is presented as a straight-forward matrix. It's an easy to follow heat-map, depict the Liquidity Provider Bid/Ask bias that are indicative of future price movement for the world's twenty-eight major currency pairs.

This suite of price-leading predictive tools sets PitView™ apart from everything else available. It provides signals that have in fact, proven to result in an exceptionally high percentage of winning trades for many different trading strategies and time frames.