PitView™ Analytics and Trading Tools

Everything you need to Succeed Trading Forex

PitView™ for Forex Liquidity Provider Analytics

The banks drive the Forex market.  Period!
Knowing where they want to go could mean the difference between a profit and a loss. Would you go long if you knew they were going short? Only our Patented PitView™ for Forex Liquidity Analytics show what the banks are doing. Get an edge on your trading.  Make them a part of your trading strategy.

PitView™ Trade Ticket and Trade Manager

Successful trading is about being consistent both with your strategy and your capital risk.
Although we can't help you control the execution of your strategy, the PitView™ Trade Ticket will give you consistent and total control of your Risk and Money Management.  The Pitview™ Trade Manager will allow you to manage and modify your trades. And if you wish, once a trade is placed, it will allow you automatically manage and exit your trade in accordance with a plan of your design.