Introduction to the PitView™ Trade Manager

The PitView™ Trade Manager represents
a breakthrough in the management of both Open Trades and Pending Orders

The PitView™ Trade Manager (PVTM) goes well beyond what you get MT4,  It  gives you a professional's level of control over your open trades and pending orders.  When news breaks, and the markets move against, every second counts.  The PVTM gives you the ability to exit all of your open trades or pending orders with just click of the mouse.

You can display the information about your trades the way you think.

  • Toggle between a Price view and a Pips view to show your Stop Loss, Trade Risk and Take Profit targets just the way you want to see them.
  • When you have multiple positions on in the same pair, group you trades together to show the net of positions in different ways.
  • Expand or contract the PVTM window to display the exact amount of information that you need to feel in control or your risk.

PitView Orders Manager

You can locate the PitView™ Trade Manager anywhere on your desktop.  In a compact form, it can sit on top of your other computer programs. So even if you are writing an email, or communicating on Skype, you have total control of your positions.

Why the PitView™ Toolset?
Because it is all about Trading-With-Confidence.

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