Introduction to the PitView™ Trade Ticket

The PitView™ Trade Ticket represents
a breakthrough in Risk and Money Management

Successful trading is about being consistent both with your strategy and your capital risk.  Although we can't help you control the execution of your strategy, the PitView™ Tradre Ticket (PCTT) can give you consistent and total control of your capital risk.  

Trade Ticket - Pending Order ABC Brokers Trade Ticket - Market Order ABC Brokers -2

The calculation takes into account:

  • Your preset, customized  defaults for:
    • Percent of Capital Risked per Trade.
    • Percent of Profit Risked per Trade.
    • Your Take Profit Target to IPS Ratio.
  • The current spread between the Bid and Ask prices.
  • The current value in US Dollars* for every Pip of change in the currency pair.

Then, with a single click of your mouse you can place your order with the correct lot size, stoploss and take profit target. 

Everything happens automatically.  As your equity increases or decreases, so will your trade size.  The key is consistency.

Why the PitView™ Toolset?
Because it is all about Trading-With-Confidence.

Follow along to learn more…

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