PitView™ Trade Ticket and Trade Manager

The Critical Importance of Risk and Money Management

Most traders do not understand the true importance of Risk and Money Management and how the consistent application of their principles is the “Hidden secret to successful trading”. It is ‘The Key’ that separates the trading winners from the trading losers. 

Risk management is even more important to your trading success than your trading system. You don't need to be a good trader to make money trading, but you do need to be a very good risk and money manager. The trading stars, the traders who have built up large accounts, are both very good traders and very good money managers. 

Improving your risk and money management skills will take you to a new level in trading. Our PitView™ Trade Ticket can help do that for you. Based upon your predetermined risk tolerance, It automatically calculate your exact trade size. The combination of our order ticket and the PitView™ Trade Manager provide the total solution toolset that can make you into a very good risk, money and trade manager. 


Why the PitView™?
Because it is all about Trading-With-Confidence.

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