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FOREX-TradersKnowledge.  It is what separates the amateurs from the professionals.

The traders on the floor have one huge advantage.  Before they pull the trigger, they can see if the Market Makers are actively raising their bids to push the price up in support of the trading signal or lowering their asks pulling the price down against their trading signal.  This way the floor traders know if they are trading with the market or against it before they put their position on.

What if you could have this same advantage to help you confirm your trading signals and perfectly time your FOREX trades?  You can with PitViewTM!

When you are trading FOREX, know what the Market Makers are doing.

PitView shows you in real-time what the Market Makers are doing.   Since they lead the FOREX market, when you know what the Market Makers  are doing, you have a good view into where the market will go next.  This allows you to improve on your current trading system and make it better, not throw it out.

PitViewTM works with your FOREX trading indicators and platform.

Check out these short videos showing how PitView can work with your trading style to improve your entry and exit points.

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