PitView™ works!  It does the job it was designed to do.  It allows you to time your trades so that you are in sync with the Market Makers.   We have many satisfied customers who are profitably benefiting from using PitView™. These traders have learned how to use, and interpret the PitView™ indicators.  If others have learned PitView™, so can you.   

The most common question first time users of PitView™ have is:
“How can I use PitView™ with my current trading style to help me improve my trading results?”

We can answer that question for you.  We can teach you how to use PitView™.  It is not hard to learn, and should not take you long.  Our educational program will present you with a clear  structured process for learning PitView™.  Our instructors will teach you how to tailor PitView™ to your trading style.  If you follow our guidelines, you should be up and running with PitView™ in short order.

Since PitView™ represents an entirely new way to think about the markets, we recommend that you start off with our Free Basic Course. The Basic Course will take you through the concepts behind the PitView™ Indicators, how they are constructed, and how to interpret what each of them is telling you.  Then when you have PitView™ up and running with your trading platform you will understand what the PitView™ Indicators are showing you. 

We then recommend that you look at a few selected Live Trading Webinars that have been recorded for you.  Again, they have been picked to answer the #1 question that people ask us: “How can I use PitView™with my current trading methods?”

Knowledge is power.  Once you learn how to interpret what PitView™ is showing you,
it will permanently change the way you view the markets.
Your decisions will then be made upon knowledge, not guess.