Dispelling Common Myths

“Dispelling Myth #1 – You can consistently make money without knowing what the banks are doing”

This one is simple to set straight.  Just think about it. 

The banks control the markets.  They are the ones that make the markets move.  It certainly isn’t the individual traders. They don’t do enough business to move the markets. That would be like the tail wagging the dog.  It just doesn’t happen. So obviously, you need to know what the banks are doing if you want to trade with an edge.

That's what PitView™ for Forex shows you.  An invisible side of the market that people have never seen beforeThe Behavioral Side. It shows you bank behavior over a period of your choosing and their net Bid/Ask bias over that period of time.

“Dispelling Myth #2 – You can consistently make money without a Trading Edge”

Trading is about getting an edge.  The greatest value of following what the banks are doing is to avoid bad trades.

What you are looking for is high probability setups. Just by avoiding one bad trade out of every ten trades makes a HUGE difference.

Your Win%/Loss% changes from 50%/50% to 55%/45%. That will equate to an increase in your bottom line profitability of about 150%. 

This is an absolutely incredible statistic to have on your side! Few traders understand how important it is to their bottom line to avoid losers.

I’ll bet you that not 1 in 100 traders know this. Now you do.

We are happy to share this with you.

“Dispelling Myth #3 – Risk and money management is important, but not critical”

Lastly, the average trader has no idea about how important risk and money management is, and that without it they are doomed to failureIts importance is really below most trader’s radar.

To be successful, trading needs to be treated like a business.  Actually, more like a casino or insurance business. The key to success then is to consistently apply the same risk rules for every trade, and let the odds play out over time. Find a percentage of your Equity you are willing and comfortable to risk on each trade, and stick to itEmotion needs to be removed from the equation. 

With the PitView proprietary risk management tool, you can set different risks based upon your Capital, and based upon your profits. By being consistent, your lot size increases when you are right, and decreases when you are wrong. As it should!

And, when you apply a fixed percentage of your account to every trade

  • Your account can never go to Zero. 
  • You are never knocked out of the game.

PitView has taken this incredibly important part of the skillset, that you first must master in order to succeed at trading, taken it out of your equation for success, and put it on automatic for you.

This is HUGE!

Please follow along to learn more...

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