Dimitri Pesin‎, November 17 2017


Just sharing my experience with PitView here for all of you, after the last couple of months that I've been using mainly PairView.

I have to say guys, I've never been so profitable so quickly before...

I've always refused to use indicators in the past because I felt they lagged and didn't want to depend on them to make my entry decisions - always preferred a naked chart and used levels and price action. But this one's different. It's the only indicator I've seen that gives a leading confirmation of what's happening in the market.
I mainly trade intra-day and what I've noticed is I have more accurate entries (when the market is really moving instead of when I *think* it'll move) and earlier exits from trades (reducing losses). That's how I can now make the same amount of money in a shorter space of time. So now I spend less time on the screen.

Although I did notice there are times when the market does what it wants, no matter how strong the data from PairView is, so I tend to just leave the market alone in those situations and wait for the next opportunity. I think that's the right thing to do?

One funny thing is that I used to dislike trading on Mondays - always a less predictable day, but heck now even Mondays are interesting. Last week Monday with 1% risk I made 2% profit before 10:00am! I'll see if I can repeat that.

So just wanted to say Thank You to Stephen, Evan and the rest of you guys at the PitView team for creating this neat software. It's still the only indicator I use in my trading