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I'm a renegade trader. I don't follow "the rules" and I do play a lot of "what if" games. I recently was directed to PitView and have just been amazed. Especially with the new 2.0 version. I work a lot with XAUUSD (Gold) and V.2.0 has it now in the…(Read More)

I just wanted to say that the trade ticket manager is something that I was looking for a long time now and you guys nailed it. I’m going to look at the other products that you guys offer and maybe give it a try on the future as well . Keep up the good work…(Read More)

Just sharing my experience with PitView here for all of you, after the last couple of months that I've been using mainly PairView. I have to say guys, I've never been so profitable so quickly before... I've always refused to use indicators in the past because I felt they lagged and didn…(Read More)

Been using PitView on trial for this week and can say this thing is awesome! I made 4 trades this week on demo to see how PitView works, and made my self $1k. I wait till I see a neg or positive of 20 or more on 1 hr and 10 min, and scalp with…(Read More)

On another note, PitView really helped me confirm my entry and exit points on the GBP/JPY for a nice profit. I really see the potential in PitView and I am excited to learn more about Tim's template…(Read More)

Scott Gebhardt, USA


I have so far has been great. I'm out of town for the next several months working so no trading but continue to pay the monthly fee. I been going over the learning parts every chance I get. I plan on paying for the life time access soon. They offer a free…(Read More)

Gary Grant, USA


I used your software, and it produced good results, with my own knowledge. The templates are good. The analysis boxes are also, amazing, however maybe difficult for one who cannot read it, overall, top idea, and system…(Read More)