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PitView™ helps you Trade FOREX with Confidence.

The idea is simple – If you could see what the FOREX liquidity providers are doing, it could give you insight into what the markets will do.  

PitView™ tracks the banks’ bids and offers so you have a clear picture of the market before you make a move.OANDA PitView

Our proprietary indicators keeps track of over 30 major liquidity providers, and scores their actions to show their bid and ask bias.  We do this in real time, for over 60 currency pairs, and give you the flexability to see it best for you:

  • PitView™ Indicator for MT4 allows you to plot PitView™ right on your MT4 charts.  (more info...)
  • FX TotalView™ is a heatmap that shows the top 28 currency pairs, ranked from bullish to bearish.   (more info...)
  • FX GlobalView™ shows the top 8 currencies and ranks them by % of the activity and LP bias.   (more info...)
  • FX GroupView™ displays the related pairs to a currency and shows the strength of each.   (more info...)
  • FX PairView™ gives you the LP details for each currency pair.   (more info...)

TicketWith PitView™, you can trade FOREX with the confidence of seeing what the liquidity providers are doing before you pull the trigger, improving your chances of riding with them instead of going against them.

PitView™ works with any trading platform, but is integrated with OANDA’s MetaTrader4.  Most packages include our Order Ticket, Order Manager, Chart Controls and PitView™ Indicator for MT4!   (See all the available packages here.)

The best way to see the power of PitView™ is to take advantage of our totally free two week trial – we don’t even require a credit card, just your basic information!  We also have free live trading classes three days a week where Steve Nurre will take your questions and show how PitView™ might be able to help you better position your trades - Sign up here!

And all OANDA account holders get 25% off any subscription to PitView™!  When you are ready to sign up, just use Coupon Code OANDA25 at checkout.  With Packages starting at $10 a month, and a two week free demo, there is no reason to wait!