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True Price Leading Analytics for the Forex Markets.

PitView™ introduction with an invitation to try it free for 15 days.  Overview includes a video by Bob Iaccino, a well-known veteran and expert in Forex, as he shows you how he used PitView to catch some nice moves.  Just like he used to do when he was “In the Pits” on the floor of the Chicago exchange.  

An Introduction to PitView™

Simple introduction letter for people not familiar with PitView™.

Are You Trading Currency Futures and Want a Better Edge?

Good futures traders know that the Forex cash markets lead the futures, so they use the cash markets to time their futures trades.  To go even one step further, if you are a futures trader, would you like technical analytics that leads cash?

Don't Change Your Trading Style - Just Change Your Entry and Exit Timing

Is this you?  You have a trading style that works.  It just doesn't work well enough.  You feel that all you need to get better results is a tool to sharpen your timing.

Have You Ever Wanted to Trade Like You Were in the Pits on the Floor of an Exchange?

Everyone knows that the traders on the floor had an edge over those who were not there.  PitView™ can give you that same edge.

If You Know What the Big Banks are Doing, You Will Know What the Market Will Do.

Since you can't make money trading against the Big Banks, you only want to trade with them.  To trade better, then the only question you need answered is “What are the Big Banks doing?”

Introducing PitView™ for Forex.

If you always wanted to know who is leading that big move, how strong the following is, or whether this is just one or two Liquidity Providers trying to push the market, now you can have the answer. 

Do You Know When to Exit Your Trade?

Are you able to remain comfortable staying in your trade?  Do you find yourself getting out of a trade early and leaving a lot on the table?  On the other hand, are you getting out late and giving back a large part of your profit?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we would like to introduce you to PitView™ for Forex.

Would You Like to Be Able to Peek into the Inside Activity of the Forex Markets?

Explains PitView™ Liquidity Window.  Good for sending to trial customers.

If you would, we would like to introduce you to PitView™ for Forex. PitView™ will show you a side of the market you have never seen before.  For every currency pair, PitView™ will show you every move of every Liquidity Provider.

PitView™ Works with Every Trading Style and Time Frame.

It doesn't matter if you are a scalper, a swing trader, a breakout trader, a bottom or top picker or use any other trading style.  PitView™ can help you with your timing.

When You Can Follow the Big Banks, You Can Follow the Big Money.

If you want a tool that will show you what the Big Banks and other liquidity providers are doing in real-time, then we would like to introduce you to PitView™ for Forex.  To trade Forex better, the only question you need answered is “What are the Big Banks doing?”  

Would You Like to See a Side of the Forex Markets that Retail Traders Have Never Seen Before?

PitView™ reveals what the Liquidity Providers, the Forex Market Makers, are doing in real-time.  You can watch them as they raise and lower their Bids and Asks.  You can track their activity over minutes or hours.  It is just like being in the pit with the banks and other Liquidity Providers. 

You Can't Make Money Trading Opposite the Big Banks.

PitView™ tracks every Bid and Ask of the Big Banks and other major liquidity providers.  It reveals what they are doing in real-time. When you know what these major market forces are doing, you know what the market will do next.

Do You Trade with the Confidence that You Are Making the Right Move at the Right Time?

The patented PitView™ Liquidity Windows will show you things that you can't see on a chart.  In real-time you will see every move the banks and other liquidity providers make, just as if you were in the trading pit with them.

Do you ever get caught in a “Head Fake” trade?

Did you ever wonder why sometimes the market will jump to take out a new high and then abruptly tank to the downside?  Have you ever got caught in one of these head fakes?

If you have, then we would like to introduce you to PitView™ for Forex.

Would you Like to Master Risk Management Like a Pro?

Most traders do not understand the true importance of Risk and Money Management and how the consistent application of their principles is the “Hidden secret to successful trading”. It is ‘The Key’ that separates the trading winners from the trading losers.

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