PitView™ Affiliate Program FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about the Affiliate Program

If I have a link to the PitView™ website on my website, in my emails, advertisements or other marketing material will I get credit for the sale?
         Yes. Every affiliate has a unique Affiliate ID number. As long as that Affiliate ID number is included in all of your marketing material, your emails or links from your website, you will get credit for any resulting sale. The way it works is that every time a person comes to our website through a link from you, a cookie is created in their browser. The cookie is remembered fro 30 days.  If they sign up for a trial or subscription during that time period, you get credit for the signup.  

How do we know that we are getting proper credit for the customers we send to PitView™?
        Set up some random trial accounts and you will see that our software automatically notifies you by email of every trial account and paid account as they are created.

When do we get paid?
        Within forty-five (45) days of the end of each calendar month for all monies received in the calendar month.

How do I know I am getting accurately paid?
        When a person becomes a paid subscriber you are automatically notified by email. Each month you will receive a list of all of your subscribers.

How long do I continue to get paid for referrals that have converted into sales?
        As long as that person remains a paying subscriber.

If the PitView™ subscription cost goes up does my commission increase proportionally?

Do you have a way for us to track our trial and paid accounts?
           You can log into your affiliate account on our website and monitor the activity of both your customer's trial and paid accounts.

Do you have any material we can use for marketing?
        Yes. We have created lots of different emails, print ads, banner ads and keywords that you can use when marketing to your customers. You can find them in the Affiliate area of our website.

Can I use material from the www.Pitview.com website in my marketing material?
        Yes. Feel free to copy and use any of the material and images from our website, on your website or marketing material.

If I sponsor and sign up another company as a new affiliate do I get credit for that?
        Yes. As a Sponsor you will get an override on the commission the new affiliate earns.

Does an Introducing Broker (IB) need to be set up as a separate affiliate?
        Not necessarily. If you are a broker, you can set up the IB as a branch of your affiliate program. You would then be responsible for paying your IB directly from the commissions you earn. However, if you Sponsor your IB as a separate Affiliate, then we would pay him directly, and then pay you the override.

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