The 3 Secrets Revisited

“The 3 Secrets Revisited” by Tim Blanchard - Chief Mentor for PitView™ 

The 3 Secrets have been introduced to you before (Click Here).  Understanding them is so important, that I want to go over them with you again. We are talking about the same ideas. I’ll just elaborate and put my spin on it as a trader.

“Secret #1: “Watch What the Big Banks are Doing

The Secret of Trading With the Banks is to Track HOW they Change Their Bids and Asks. It’s that HOW that makes all of the difference in the world.

Until now you could not know if you were trading with the banks.  But thanks to PitView™, for the first time, you can instantly know if you are trading with them.  PitView™ is the only data service in the world that Tracks HOW the banks change their Bids and Asks. No One Else Can Show You This

Behavioral Analytics Surpass Price Analytics: To Make Money You Have to Do Something Different from Everyone Else. All Other Analytics and Indicators Look at the Past. PitView Looks at the Future.

This is a Quantum leap forward in technical analytics. PitView™ focuses on the Bids and Asks of the Banks, NOT Price

“Secret #2 – Follow the Banks and Trade with Them”

There is not much to cover here, except you need to take action, and to actually trade with the banks. And NEVER, NEVER trade against them.  It could be like stepping in front of a tractor trailer. You know what happens then.

So, let me repeat that. NEVER, NEVER trade against the banks.


Got that?


“Secret #3 – You MUST Manage Your Money and Your Risk”

Without any question at all, Money and Risk Management is the Key to Trader ProfitabilityI can attest to that from personal experience. 

It took me years to understand how important this was.In fact, it wasn’t until I learned how to manage my risk that my trading became consistently profitable. 

Had I learned how to control risk at the beginning of my learning curve, instead of the end, I would have been consistently profitable years earlier.

The PitView™ Trade Ticket gives you that "Magic Number that you Need to objectively calculate the proper lot size.  It does this instantly and exactly every time. It also includes an Advanced Formula for calculating lot size that can rapidly and safety increase your account balance without adding increased risk to your Capital. 

I designed this Proprietary Formula. The guys at PitView™ liked it and added it to their Trade Ticket.  I know you’ll like it. It treats the way you risk your "Capital" differently from the way you risk your "Profits".


Please follow along to learn more...

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