The Three Secrets to Trading Forex Profitably with Low Risk

Here are the 3 secrets.

  • Watch what the big banks are doing.
  • Trade with them.
  • Manage your money and your risk.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Now let's get into the details behind the 3 Secrets so you can trade more profitably with lower risk.

 “Secret #1 - Watch What the Big Banks are Doing”

The first secret is obvious when you think about it.The big banks control the Forex markets. At least 90% of all Forex trading is done by the big banks. The remaining 10% is done by everyone else put together. 

So, unless you know what the forces that drive the markets are doing, the big banks, you have little chance of trading successfully. PitView™ for Forex is the only way in the world that you can watch what the banks are doing.

“Secret #2 - Follow the Big Banks”

So, once you know what the big banks are doing, your job is simply to follow them. This is the secret key to successful and profitable trading. Your trades must follow the leads of the big banks. 

Following them allows you the opportunity to ride the wakes of the big banks into profitability, instead of being crushed as the market rolls over you. We know that some people will say, “Well I am already trading profitably, and I am not following them.” But we have proven to ourselves that all long term successful trading must follow this rule.

There is a big difference between following the Big Banks accidentally, and following them on purposeYour trading can only improve when you follow them on purpose.  And you can only do that when you have the knowledge of what the banks are doing.

“Secret #3 – Manage Your Money and Your Risk”

This is the secret that really separates the traders who make money over the long term, from those that lose.  Unfortunately, developing this skill is typically, the last thing a trader learns before they turn the corner into long term profitability. However, Money and Risk Management should be the FIRST thing a trader learns, not the LAST. Otherwise, without the proper tools to objectively and consistently manage risk your results will be all over the place. 

For the beginning trader, proper money and risk management will allow you to stay in the game until you master your trading strategy.  Your losses will be controlled and limited and you will preserve the capital you need to stay trading.

For the advanced trader, it will help to control drawdowns in your account and allow your equity to grow following the best practices.

We will show you the actual tools and analytics we use to manage our risk and money in real-time.

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