3 Proven PitView™ Money Making Ideas

We have taken the favorite money making idea from three of our mentors and traders.

These shared videos show you how they use PitView™ in their personal trading.

There are three common elements in all of the videos:

  1. PitView™ is used as their final conformation tool before placing the trade.
  2. They only takes trades in the direction of the Big Banks' Bis/ask Bias as shown by the PitView™ Analytics..
  3.  As a result of only trading with the Big Banks their Win%/Loss% ratio has improved, as has their bottom line profitability.

Trend Trading
by Tim Blanchard
Tim gives you insight into how he trades with Pit-Trader using key support and resistance points with the PitView™ Liquidity Window in MT4.

Divergence Trading by Paul Langham
Paul shows how he trades the London open using the previous day's high and divergence in the price with the PitView™ Liquidity Window in MT4.

Scalping Around News
by Brad Alexander
In this video Brad shows how he looks for counter-trend retracements, after news events, that go against the direction of the longer term trend.  He then uses FX PairView™ for precise entries that confirm the continuance of the longer term trend.

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