3 Proven PitView™ Money Making Ideas

We have taken our favorite money making ideas from several of our mentors & traders.

These videos show you how they use PitView™ in their personal trading.

There are three common elements in all of the videos:

  1. PitView™ is used as their final confirmation tool before placing the trade.
  2. They only take trades in the direction of the Big Banks' Bid/Ask Bias as shown by the PitView™ Analytics..
  3.  As a result of only trading with the Big Banks, their Win%/Loss% ratio has improved, as so has their bottom line profitability.

Successful Trading With the Pit-Trader-2 Template by Master Trader Tim Blanchard

This is a 3 1/2 minute preview of the one hour video from the Mastering PitView for Trading Series. This and many other videos are included for free with paid PitView for Forex Advanced and Professional Subscriptions.

A Floor Traders Perspective by Bob Iaccino
Watch how veteran floor trader Bob Iaccino analyzes a market movement using PitView™. See the move through the eyes of a seasoned floor trader. You will enjoy watching Bob dissect the trade and learn how he uses PitView™ to keep in the trade when the chart is otherwise telling you to get out.

Trend Trading by Tim Blanchard
Tim gives you insight into how he trades with Pit-Trader using key support and resistance points with the PitView™ Liquidity Window in MT4.

Divergence Trading by Paul Langham
Paul shows how he trades the London open using the previous day's high and divergence in the price, with the PitView™ Liquidity Window in MT4.

Scalping Around News by Brad Alexander
In this video, Brad shows how he looks for counter-trend retracements after news events, that go against the direction of the longer term trend.  He then uses FX PairView™ for precise entries that confirm the continuance of the longer term trend.