PitView™ with MT4 Charting

Use PitView™ to Control your MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Charts

It's simple!  You can control your MT4 charts from anywhere within PitView™.
And you can change your charts either manually or automatically. 

PairView_Chart_IconUsing PitView™ to control of your trading desk could not be easier, and could not be faster!  

PairView Linking

With Linking enabled, everything changes automatically.  When the currency pair is changed in FX PairView™, the chart in MT4 changes to match it immediately. Likewise with changing the time frames on your charts.  Simply selected a time from the FX PairView™ toolbar, and the time frame of your chart changes as well.

What's even more exciting is that when linking is enabled to FX PairView™ from FX TotalView™ or FX GroupView™, everything changes together. For example, with just one double-click of your mouse in FX TotalView™, the currency pair changes everywhere: in all of the PitView™ Liquidity Windows, in the PitView™ Trade Ticket and in the MT4 chart.  

Why the PitView™ Liquidity Analytics?
Because they show you what the Smart Money is doing,
When you trade with the Smart Money, you Trade-With-Confidence.

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