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Liquidity Providers (LPs), also known as Market Makers, generally don't want the other market participants to know what they are really intending, since that knowledge can betray their trading strategies and influence trading prices within the markets. They therefore often try to hide or mask their true intentions and have devised many ways to do this.
Insiders_-_Top_Pairs Insiders_-_EURUSDWhile a Liquidity Provider can hide their precise order size, what they can't hide is being at the Inside Bid, or Inside Ask. Since all trading takes place at the Inside Bid (the highest or Best Bid for a symbol), or the Inside Ask (the lowest or Best Ask for a symbol), those LPs who are at the Inside are the ones that will be completing the next trade.

These LPs display Bid and Ask prices for specific currency pairs.  If these prices are met, they will immediately buy for, or sell from their own accounts.  Liquidity Providers are very important for maintaining liquidity and efficiency for the particular currency pairs in which they make markets.

Unless the Liquidity Providers are at these inside positions, they can't move a currency.  By keeping track of who is at the Inside Bid or the Inside Ask, and how often they are there, we can gain an insight into who the movers and shakers are in a particular currency pair, by using several different algorithms.  Insider Activity can be monitored on all individual currency pairs, groups of currency pairs, and on a single Liquidity Provider, or on ALL of the Liquidity Providers bidding and offering on the currency pairs in the data stream..

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