FX TotalView™ Features

FX TotalView™ displays the 8 major world currency groups, and the 7 currency pairs that comprise each group into one simple to read matrix. This information is presented in a unique, easy to understand matrix.  One of the major benefits of FX TotalView™ is the choice of timeframes above the heat map.  The trader just has to click on a timeframe button, and the matrix along with the rankings will change to reflect Liquidity Provider (LP) activity for that timeframe.

In the Groups column, FX TotalView™ ranks, then vertically displays each of the major currencies in descending order from strongest to weakest.

FX TotalView and FX PairView

It then ranks the base currency to all 7 other pairs in the Group. From left to right, it displays the currency pair in which the base currency is strongest to weakest..In the above example, AUD is the strongest Group, and AUD is strongest against JPY, and weakest against GBP. Once the trader finds the pair they believes gives them the best opportunity for a winning trade, they simply double-click on that pair and it opens FX PairView™.

FX PairView™ is the heart of the PitView™ Liquidity Windows.  This window calculates all of the Bid/Ask imbalances for each LP in that currency pair. This patented Bid/Ask data is the base for all of the other PitView™ Analtytics.  Once the trader opens FX PairView™ they can watch the individual Liquidity Providers (AKA Market Makers) activity in that pair.  The Liquidity Providers are anonymously listed in the "LPID" column.

This underlying principal behind the PitView™  Liquidity Analytics is that based upon what happens between the Bid and the Ask is what really makes the markets move.  To better understand what is happening between the Bid and Ask at the Market Maker level, watch this short video, PitView Basics:  Understanding the Bid/Ask - Part -1.  It is the first video in our free PitView™ University Basic Education Course .

Why PitView™?

Because PitView™ Liquidity Windows show you what the Smart Money is doing, and
When you trade with the Smart Money, you can Trade With Confidence.

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