FX™ GroupView™

(Institutional Subscription Package Only)

From the Suite of Patented PitView™ Liquidity Windows

What makes FX GroupView™ unique is that it arranges the currency pairs
in the correct order for accurate comparisons.

PitView™ makes finding currency pairs to trade as easy as 1-2-3.  Use FX GroupView™ as the Step #2 in the process to identify the strongest currency pair in the strongest major currency group.  

FX GroupView™ is the tool you will use for deciding what pair to trade. While FX GlobalView™ shows you exactly what each of the 8 major currencies are doing as a group based upon Liquidity Provider (LP) activity, FX GroupView™ drills down into the structure of each group.and shows you what all of its pairs are doing.  It then ranks the pairs, and sorts them by Liquidity Provider activity strength for you in real-time. 

FX GroupViewEverything you need to see is presented in one liquidity window.  FX GroupView™ show you the collective Liquidity Provider activity for each pair, plus it also shows you the collective Liquidity Provider activity for the entire currency group. This is how you can instantly gauge the strength of both the individual pairs, and the currency group as a whole.  Each pair is displayed on a separate row where you will see a summation of the collective Liquidity Provider behavior for that pair.  At the bottom of the window we display statistics for the collective Liquidity Provider behavior for that group.

As with all of the PitView™ Liquidity Window, FX GrobalView™ is based upon the patented PitView™ analytics and algorithms that track Liquidity Provider behavior at the inside bids and asks.  Everything is done in real time, for any time frame of your choice.  The information is presented in terms of Leaders and Followers.  You can instantly see which pairs are the strongest and which pairs are the weakest.  Most of the time, you will find that the strongest pair is simply a combination of the strongest group paired with the weakest group.  Often, however, you will find that a different pair stands out as the best, or you might want a pair with greater liquidity.  Regardless of which method you use, both pairs are good choices to watch for trading opportunities.

The real power from FX GroupView™ comes from the fact that it puts everything into the proper perspective for you.  You no longer have to switch things around in your mind to properly compare the action in different pairs. Here is how FX GroupView™ does it for you.

Let's use the United States Dollar (USD) as an example.  Each of the traded currency pairs follows a standard naming convention where the first currency in the pair name is being compare to the second currency.  The 7 standard pairs for USD are AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY.  If USD is getting stronger against JPY, then USDJPY would be going up.  However, if USD was getting stronger against EUR, then EURUSD would be going down.  This has to be confusing to traders. Especially if they are used to keeping track of things with charts. In both instances USD is getting stronger, but in one instance the chart is going up, and the other instance the chart is going down.

FX GroupView™ takes the confusion out for you.  To accurately compare USD to every other currency, USD must always be shown as the first counterparty.   So when necessary, FX GroupView™ will create a synthetic pair with the counterparties reversed from their normal order.  So for USD, you would see USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY displayed as normal.  USDAUD*, USDEUR*, USDGBP* and USDNZD* are the synthetic pairs displayed with the counterparty order reversed.  Now all pairs are shown in a consistent manor relative to USD, and accurate comparisons of USD strength and weakness can now be made.

When you have decided which pair you want to be ready to trade and want more detail, simply double-click on the pair name and a FX PairView™ Liquidity Window will open. The counterparties will be arranged in their normal order.  You will be able to see the details and know exactly what every Liquidity Provider is doing in that pair.  

As with all of the PitView™ Liquidity Windows, each FX GroupView™ Liquidity Window can be customized to meet your particular needs.  Use the groups we have created for you, or create your custom lists where you group together pairs of your choice into watch lists.  There is no limit to the number of custom lists you can create, and they are all available to you with just a few clicks of your mouse.  And for every different group or list, you can follow the Liquidity Provider action over time frames from as little as 1 minute to up to 24 hours.

Why PitView™?

Because the Liquidity Windows show you what the Smart Money is doing, and
When you trade with the Smart Money, you Trade-With-Confidence.

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