FX GlobalView™

(Institutional Subscription Package Only)

From the Suite of Patented PitView™ Liquidity Windows

In real-time, instantly see which major currency is the strongest,
and which major currency is the weakest,

PitView™ makes finding currency pairs to trade as easy as 1-2-3.  Use FX GlobalView™ as Step #1 in the process, which is to identify the strongest major currency group.

FX GroupView™ is the tool that shows you which currency groups are strong and which are weak.  Every trading day, the first thing most traders want to know is "What is the best currency pair to trade?"  The pair that gives them the best opportunity to be successful. 

The theory behind what to do is simple.  Just pick the strongest currency and trade it against the weakest.  The problem is how do you really know which currency is the strongest and which one is the weakest.  If you want to, you can open up all the currency pair charts, try to put them in some kind of order, then interpret each chart trying to determine the strength or weakness of each currency in the pair.  Next, you can try to assimilate this changing information in your head and put the currencies into some kind of ranking order based upon their strength or weakness.  You have to do this very quickly, because all the pairs are trading and their ranking changes minute by minute.  The execution behind what to do is an impossible task, and just could not be done.  Until now.   

FX GlobalViewYou now have a Liquidity Window that does this for you.  FX GlobalView™ shows you, and gives you the power in real-time to sort all of the major currencies from strongest to weakest over any time frame of your choice.  As with the other PitView™ Liquidity Windows, FX GlobalView™ is based upon the patented PitView™ analytics and algorithms that track market maker behavior at the inside bids and asks.  

FX GlobalView™ can be customized to your trading style and trading time frames. To see the bigger picture, the Leaders Session Length can look back and rank currency strength over periods ranging from the last hour to the last 24 hours.  In the shorter time frames, you can rank currency strength anywhere from the last minute to the last 30 minutes.  It's your choice, and totally under your control.

Using FX GlobalView™ you now can easily see which currency is trading the strongest against all other currencies, as well as which is the weakest based on its trading with all the other currencies.  From here you just create the pair you want to trade.  For example (see image on the left), if the Euro (EUR) is the strongest and the U.S. Dollar (USD) weakest then you go SHORT the EURUSD.  

Once you have identified the strongest currency group in FX GlobalView™, simply double-click on its symbol and it will take you to FX GroupView™ where you can see all of the cross pairs ranked from strongest to weakest.  It’s that easy.

Since profits are made by taking advantage of temporary imbalances, what
could give you a better opportunity at finding a winning trade then
going long the strongest currency and short the weakest? 

Why the PitView™?

Because the Liquidity Windows show you what the Smart Money is doing, and
When you trade with the Smart Money, you Trade-With-Confidence.

For a more in depth look at a FX GlobalView™ Liquidity Window,
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