Use With Any Platform

You can now control your charts in MT4 from anywhere within PitView™.  It's simple!
And you can change your charts either manually or automatically. 
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Keep Everything the Same - Just Add PitView™

PitView™ Liquidity Windows sit on top of and can be used with all Forex trading platforms and brokers. Following are some examples of PitView™ windows set up with a few different popular Forex trading platforms.

FOREXTrader Pro by Gain Capital (Click to Enlarge)
FOREXTrader Pro by Gain Capital
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MetaTrader4 with 5 open charts.  Notice how compact the Pitview Indicators are.



Watch the following video for a quick tutorial on how to setup PitView™ with MetaTrader4

Why the PitView Liquidity Analytics?
Because it is all about Trading With Confidence.

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