Trade With Confidence


Trading With Confidence comes from within. It’s trading with the knowledge that you understand what the market makers are doing. It’s being as aggressive or conservative as your trading style dictates.

Everyone who has been around trading knows that the guy in the pit had an advantage over the traders upstairs or at home.

What gave the pit trader his advantage?

It was his ability not only to see that the bid was raised, but who raised it.  He could watch as others joined the new bid, or tried to push it higher.  He could tell if it was just someone trying to off-load a large position at any price, and also know that once that position was off his books the market would go right back to where it was when he started.

With PitView™, now you too can see who is first to make a move, change the direction, then watch the follow through to see if it’s going to be real move or not.

As with any tool, education on how to use it and how to apply it to your trading style is key to improving your overall trading results.  Our training and education videos can teach you how to use PitView™, and how to read the results and visualize the market as it moves, much the same way you would if you were standing in the pit.

If you establish a trading plan, use the best tools, get the right education and combine all of this to ‘trade that plan,’ then you are giving yourself every advantage to be successful in your trading.

Trading-With-Confidence comes from knowing that you have the best real-time market maker tool in the industry, combined with the education on how to apply the results from that tool to real-time market strategy.

You will be trading like a Pit Trader now if you are trading with PitView™!

Why the PitView Liquidity Analytics?
Because it is all about Trading With Confidence.

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