Trade the Pit from Home


Everyone thinks that trading from home is the best business in the world. We, who have done it for years, know that you can feel totally disconnected from the trading world. You make every decision on your own, based on the information on your screen. You read the news, you watch the charts, find the studies that seem to work the best for you, and you develop a trading plan. Once all of this is in place, all you have to do is pull the trigger. That can be the problem. Your setup is good but never quite right. You have to know when to go for it, and what to do if it goes against you. If you have had 3 or more losing trades in a row, pulling the trigger is even harder. You ask yourself, why this time, what is different, is now the right time?

The secret to successful trading is to be on the same side of a trade as the market makers. PitView™ was designed to do that. It will put you in the mix with market makers from around the world. Now, you are not trading alone, you’re trading in the virtual pit through Pit-View. You are no longer making all of your decisions based just on your charts, your studies, news stories or your trading plan. Now you’re in with all the market makers. You can see each one and what they are doing.

You can see who is moving first, and how fast the others are following. You can know if this is a real turn, or just someone selling off a long position to re-balance their portfolio. Over time, you can learn how the market makers trade as a group, who you can rely on when they move first, or who you want to wait for before you make that trade. Historically, Pit Traders always had the advantage over everyone off the floor because they not only saw the price movement; they saw who was making the price move.

PitView™ is a tool, and like any good tool, it cannot do the entire job. PitView™ is the tool you will use in concert with your other tools and your trading plan. It’s the tool that takes you from the terminal to the virtual floor. You can now use this new information to confirm and time your trading decisions. If PitView™ does nothing more than keep you from making that trade too early, just because of what you saw on a chart, then it will pay for itself. But PitView™ will do much more than that. It will also show you the momentum building before you see the move on the chart. Knowing what all of the individual market makers are doing is much more powerful than just watching a chart change direction. Sometimes, you could see the slightest change in direction on a chart, but with PitView™ you would know that the entire market is making that move, so it’s the way for you to go too.

Although PitView™ is a powerful tool, like any other powerful tool, knowing how to use it gives you the opportunity to maximize everything you can out of it. Learn from a real floor trader, industry trading expert Bob Iaccino. Bob will show you the correlations between PitView™ and standing in the Pit.

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