The PitView Story

PitView™ differs from all other data services in the world.***  Before PitView™, Forex traders have been forced to make their trading decisions with only part of the information that they really needed.  A trader was limited to making decisions based on price information only.  PitView™ changes that. Traders now have the information they have been missing.  Our liquidity analytics peer into the heart of the market to show you what the "Big Money" is doing.

Knowledge-is-Power1PitView™ can do this because it tracks every movement of the banks, market makers and other liquidity providers as they change their bids and offers.  For the first time, you will have an insight into what the forces that move the markets are really doing.  And, if you as a trader know what these forces are doing, then you will have a sense of which way the markets will likely move.


You will enter and exit your trades with the confidence PitView™ gives
you because your actions will be based upon knowledge, not a guess.

Think of PitView™ as your conformation and timing tool.  Don’t change your existing trading methods.  Whether you are scalping or longer term, whether you trend following or counter-trend, breakout or reversal, or any other method you use, continue to monitor your setups, but when the time comes for you to pull the trigger check to make sure the banks are trading in your direction.

PitView™ can also be used as a scanner.  Since it follows every currency pair in our feed, and every market maker for every pair, it can instantly show you which pair fits your trading style.  For example, you can pick the neutral pairs to sell highs and buy lows.  On the other hand, you might pick pairs with a strong upward bias to buy dips or breakouts, and conversely those with a strong downward bias to sell upticks or breakdowns.  Again, once you have identified which pairs you want to trade, use your current trading methods for your monitoring, and PitView™ to take action with confidence.

Why the PitView Liquidity Analytics?
Because it is all about Trading-With-Confidence.

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*** PitView’s data is not available anywhere else and is protected by multiple U. S. patents.