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Bob IaccinoEvery serious trader wishes he or she could have been a floor trader, having the ability to stand in the pit with their own money and to trade with or against the major firms and locals.  Wishing they had the ability to watch a move develop, see who is first-in to change direction, who follows and how quickly and to see if others joining in, or are they all standing back? 

This ability to watch the market develop, one trader at a time, or the rush of everyone jumping in is what gave floor traders the edge.  They could watch each market maker establish a price, a size and a direction. 

Meet Bob Iaccino.  Bob was one of the traders that made his living trading from the pits on the floor of the exchange.  See what Bob has to say about PitView™, and how for him, it is like trading on the floor again.

“When I was trading from the floor my badge was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  People were willing to pay that much for a trading badge because of the advantage we had.  It was a membership with a view of the pit.  The advantage of trading in the pit was that we could see what marker makers were doing before you could.” 

“But then, as the pits started to disappear and everything went electronic the advantage we had started to disappear.  The view into the pit wasn't helping me to trade anymore.”

“PitView™ gives me back what I lost when I left the trading pit.  I finally have that very powerful view back, and that view is brought to you too, by PitView™.”

 “I have been in this business for twenty-one years, and have never endorsed a product until PitView™.”  Bob Iaccino

PitView™ is the tool you have been waiting for to give you the confidence to pull the trigger.  Like any sophisticated tool, PitView™ works best in the hands of someone who truly understands how to use the tool to enhance their trading style.

highres_smallBy viewing our free videos we will not only explain how PitView™ works but how best to tune this tool to your personal trading style.

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Bob Iaccino - Trading Education Video

PitView™ Sneak Peak - A Floor Traders View

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