Benefits of PitView

Golden KnowledgeTrading with Knowledge.  PitView™ opens up an entirely new and previously hidden side of the Forex market for you:  The pre-transactional side that previously only floor traders saw. That the Market Makers are doing.  If you know what the Maker Makers are doing, you will know what the market will do.


This knowledge can benefit your trading in several ways, with:

  • Improved timing
  • Better trade location
  • Low risk entries
  • Knowing when to enter a trade
  • Knowing when you should stay with a trade
  • Knowing when to exit
  • Avoiding false breakouts or breakdowns

With PitView™ you will no longer question your trade entries and exits
because they will be based upon knowledge, not upon guesses.

In other words, you will be Trading-With-Confidence        

A True Leading Indicator
Leading Indicator
Since Market Maker action precedes price movement, by following what the Market Makers are doing, PitView™ allows you to watch a move develop before it shows up on a chart. For example, you can watch them change direction with a PitView™ Liquidity Window, and then shortly after that the change of direction will appear on the chart.  This presents great opportunities for scalping, or low risk trade location.            

Scanning for Trade Opportunities
With its scanning power, PitView™ can show you in real-time what every market maker is doing in every currency pair that it tracks.  It will identify the currency pairs in trends, or the ones in trading ranges.  If you know what the pair is doing, you can adjust your trading methods accordingly.     

Track Groups or Individual Currency Pairs
Currency (1)
PitView™ allows you to setup liquidity windows to present you with information on a single currency pair, or a group of pairs.  For example, one liquidity window can be set on EURUSD, and another on a EURO group comprised of many pairs.         

Keep Everything You Are Currently Doing the Same.  There is Nothing to Change.   Just add Pitview™
Pitview™ works with all Forex:

  • Trading Platforms
  • Trading Strategies and Techniques
  • Time Frames
  • Brokers


Why the PitView™ Liquidity Analytics?
Because it is all about Trading-With-Confidence.

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