Live Trading Webinars

I-got-it-150x150Recommended Live Trading Webinars

We know your time is limited, so we have carefully selected a few key webinars that we strongly recommend you watch.  They show live trading done by Steve Nurre, and have been picked to answer the #1 question that people ask us:

How can I use PitView with my current trading methods to help me improve my trading results?”

Since PitView™ represents an entirely new way to think about the markets, if you haven't already done so, we also recommend that you start off with our Free Basic Course. The Basic Course will take you through the concepts behind the PitView™ Indicators, how they are constructed, and how to interpret what each of them is telling you.  Then when you have PitView™ up and running with your trading platform you will understand what the PitView™ Indicators are showing you.
In this live class, Steve goes through specific News trading strategies for the ECB Interest Rate Announcement using PitView™. The great thing about this webinar is Steve goes through 2 specific strategies using PitView™:  Entering Before the Announcement and a strategy for Entering after the Announcement.  In this case, PitView™ kept us out of trading before the news but gave a perfect signal after the Announcement which was good for a nice 25 pip profit in a matter of minutes.

PitView™ Trading Methods Part 1
In this awesome live session, Steve reviews the successful class news trade on the ECB Interest Rate Announcement before going into an extremely simple method on trading short term Forex reversals using FX PairView™ to trigger the trade.  This is a perfect example of how PitVIew™ kept you out of a bad trade, and then immediately got us into a winning trade.

PitView™ 3 Step Analysis
Trading in the Forex Markets begins with taking three basic steps:
1. Pick a Currency.
2. Pick a Pair.
3. Pick a Trade Opportunity.

In this session, Steve will show PitView traders how to use Pitview’s FX GlobalView, FX GroupView, and FX PairView to perform these steps.  A must see for anyone who has ever asked the question “What should I trade today?”.