PitView™ Interactive Trader offers you a proven new way to
accelerate your learning curve into trading profitability

Through the combined efforts of industry professionals with over 30 years of both trading and training experience, we have created an “Educational Trading Community”.  Our mission is to empower people to trade independently and profitably by providing a solid Forex education in strategy, prudent risk management and money management..

19537277 - asian business people discussing business in office
19537277 - asian business people discussing business in office

Our Mentors are the real deal.  Although, they earn their living trading Forex, their passion is to help others to do the same.  As seasoned educators, they will do that by providing you with a solid education in their Forex strategies, and methodologies.

The elements of our unique program are:

  • Mentored Education
  • Real-time Informational Trades
  • PitView™ Interactive Trading Groups
  • The use of the patented “PitView Liquidity Analytics”
  • The PitView™ Trade Ticket and Trade Manager for "True Risk" control.

Our Mentors  will teach you several proven strategies that incorporate the patented “PitView™Analytics Suite”.  Our Trader/Mentors will focus on breaking down their strategies into a simplified form so most traders will be able to grasp and apply them in a short period of time.  As the Mentors place their trades, they will be instantly transmitted in real-time to your MetaTrader 4™ trading account.  Our Mentor’s trades are for instructional and educational purposes and are intended to increase your knowledge and ability to trade on your own.  You will have the ability to shadow the trades either on a discretionary or automatic basis.

The interactive PitView™ groups provide the forum that lets you “Earn While You Learn”.  We’ll cover the practice of safe positioning in the market, so you will know when it's best to get involved and when it's best to limit your exposure. We’ll take you from the basics of showing you how to set up your charts to achieve the best possible execution, through to the most advanced trading Slide-3methodology.  You will be able to share your ideas and questions with the Mentors and other successful traders.  This interactive social environment for trading has proven to be very effective in accelerating traders’ learning curves.

PitView™ Analytics track and allow you to watch how the Banks change their Bids and Offers. They provide a patented new way to see the “Big Money’s” real intent and market bias. These price leading analytics will give you an indication of the market’s next direction and provide the edge you need to trade on the right side of the market.

Features of the PitView™ Interactive Trader Include

The "Earn While You Learn" Sequence

  • Follow Along As Your Mentor Trades
  • Learn and Master Your Mentor’s Methodology
  • Join and Participate in the PitView™ Interactive Groups
  • Post Your Questions
  • View the Answers from the Mentor or Other Traders
  • When You Know an Answer Share it with Others
  • Execute Mentor Trades on Your Own

Learn the PitView™ 3 Step Analysis

Trading in the Forex markets begins with taking three basic steps:
1 – Pick a Currency.

     2 – Pick a Pair.
     3 – Pick a Trade Opportunity.

We offer several different “PitView™ Interactive Groups” 

  • PitView™ Boot Camp
  • Mentor lead groups teaching their Beginner Through Advanced Trading Methodologies

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