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The Idea Behind PitView™ is Simple.  If you know what the liquidity providers are doing, you know what the markets will do.

The videos in this Level 101 course were produced in 2015.  Since then, we have come a long way in our development and refinement of the PitView™ Analytics and Liquidity Windows.

As you watch the last two videos, you will see that two of our original Liquidity Windows, FX GroupView™ and FX GlobalView™, have been combined together and replaced with a much more efficient way of watching the Big Banks in the Forex Marketplace' "FX TotalView™".

Our Liquidity Windows have been updated since these videos were produced. Nevertheless, these are excellent videos for you to watch.  They do a great job of explaining how the PitView™ Analytics have been created. This Basic Course will take you through the concepts behind the PitView™ Liquidity Analytics, and teach you how to interpret what each of them is telling you. 

Please look at the videos in the order as listed.  Each video generally builds one the one just before it.

PitView™ Basics: Understanding the Bid/Ask - Part 1
In this first video, Steve goes through a basic presentation on how to look at the bid and ask price from a Liquidity Provider’s perspective. This is a key fundamental concept on getting new traders started on the road to understanding the power of PitView.  

PitView Basics: Understanding the Bid/Ask - Part 2
In Part 2, Steve covers Leading vs. Following, which are the two actions Liquidity Providers perform at the bid and ask price. He then takes the time to slowly define a buy and sell imbalance by placing you in a scenario where you are on the trading floor standing next to a Liquidity Provider. This video will give you an understanding of how simple, yet powerful PitView™ really is.

FX TotalView Basics - Introduction to FX TotalView: Combining Step 1 and Step 2 of the PitView Process into One Indicator
In this video, Steve introduces you to our newest indicator FX TotalView which combines the functionality of both FX GlobalView and FX GroupView into one powerful view of the ENTIRE Forex market at a glance.  FX TotalView allows traders to have a "ome stop shop" to perform Comparison Analysis in the Forex Market. 

Using FX TotalView™ with FX PairView™ -  A Simple 2 Step Process


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