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Welcome to the PitView™ Affiliate Program application!

As a member of the PitView™ team you or your firm will not only have the ability to provide your FX traders with the latest in innovative leading indicator technology, but also join in the success of growing your volume through the use of PitView™.

The PitView™ Affiliate Program provides a way for you or your firm to receive compensation for clients that signup to PitView’s monthly subscription service.

Excellent Member Benefits & Excellent Earning Opportunity 

Welcome to the PitView™ Affiliate Program

Who might be become an Affiliate?
Forex content websites

PitView™ Affiliate Program Advantages

  1. Increase trading volume by giving traders the confidence they need to pull the trigger.
  2. Reactivate opened, funded accounts that have not traded in months.
  3. Most of these accounts have stopped trading because they have lost confidence that they understand the forex market, PitView™ can give them the confidence to trade again.
  4. Give active traders the leading indicator needed to trade more often and to trade better understanding what each market maker is doing.

Provide your traders with continuing education in trading the Forex market using PitView™

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